Welcome on NickSandee.com

After multiple years of maintenance mode nicksandee.com is finally there. I’ve had so many thoughts about how this site should look like or what the purpose should be. I hope that with this site I can show you who I am and what I do.

On the front page you’ve probably already read that my experience is in Data Engineering and that I have a passion for entrepreneurship. In this blogpost I will write about my experiences in the past couple years.

I started my career at Capgemini

As you can read I’ve started my career at Capgemini. This is a great choice for a starter in IT. Off course I’ve learned a lot during the studie, but you really understand how this world works when you start working. It’s like what they say about driving. You can earn your driving license, but after receiving your license you start driving.

At Capgemini I had the opportunity to see many big companies.

Building Affiliate websites

In the past couple years I’ve been building multiple affiliate websites. It all started really simple with only a domain name and a couple pages with javascript modules for comparison tools.

sidenote: This blogpost will be change multiple times, until I know what it should represent.

Stay tuned.